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VEN 3 Honors Introduction to Winemaking (taught Spring 2019)

Learning Objectives for this Course

  • Students satisfactorily completing this class will be able to: Describe the winemaking process for red, white, and sparkling wines.
  • Recognize the historical traditions of winemaking globally, in the US, and in CA.
  • Appreciate winegrowing/winemaking areas of the world and the geographic, cultural and/or regulatory factors that influence viticultural and enological practices in these areas.
  •  Know the names of the major grape varieties used for wine production around the world and be able to associate specific varieties with the controlled appellations of the European Union where they originated.
  • Recognize the health issues associated with wine consumption.


VEN 111 Wines of the World (taught Spring 2019)

Course Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the lecture portion of the course, the student should be able to:

  • Identify various wine regions in the world,
  • Know which varieties (cultivars) and wine styles come from which areas,
  • Compare and contrast varieties, wines and wine styles across areas.

Upon completion of the tasting portion of the course, the student should be able to:

  • Describe flavors of various wine styles and grape varieties from selected areas
  • Create a systematic approach to wine tasting
  • Effectively communicate their impressions of wines in written and oral formats.


VEN/FST 213 Flavor Chemistry of Foods and Beverages (taught Spring 2018)

Course Goals: To become familiar with basic principles of flavor chemistry, analysis, and formation in fresh and processed foods.  To read and critically evaluate current flavor chemistry literature.




SAS 145 Digital Communications in Agricultural, Environmental, and Human Sciences (taught as SAS 190X in Fall 2018)

By the end of this course students will be able to:

  • Converse with key advisors in your academic field of study
  • Describe the value of your selected academic field of study
  • Recognize appropriate multimedia strategies to effectively communicate
  • Become aware of Creative Commons Licenses and the appropriate use of sources
  • Produce a media rich video to effectively convey an intended message

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